About Eighth Bedroom

Our Story

Cities are an animal when it comes to apartment hunting. Based in San Francisco, we were tired of searching for apartments, finding roommates, hastling with landlords and not finding the right fit. We founded Eighth Bedroom for a chance to bring joy into finding the perfect place to live.

With experience as renters and property owners, we are here to marry the two experiences for both property owners and renters. We hope you can join us, as we make a healthy ecosystem for everyone.



Having lived in both NYC and SF I have tried everything from Craigslist to roommate finder and nothing gave me what I was looking for. I am passionate about helping people find the best match and save money on their room.

CTO Max Abouchar


As a San Francisco native I have seen how difficult it can be to find housing in a place you already call home! I want to connect property owners with potential renters to maximize the efficiency of the rental market.


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