Dating app for finding roommates


A “dating” app for finding roommates.

When flipping through Tinder or Bumble seems repetitive, why not look through and see what roommates are available in your area. 

By Kevin Hildebrandt

Location based dating apps provide convenience when you are looking for someone to date or hang out with for the evening. Go to dinner, casual hookups, what have you. Yet, most of the time Tinder and the like are more a source of entertainment, making the wold not seem quite as big when we can see all of the available people, right there in front of us. 

Whether for amusement or for actually finding a partner, these apps make convenience a key driver. Our preferences are aligned and our interests are calculated so that we know we have something to talk about. Oh yeah, and by the way, they are available and looking for you too. 

What if the same functionality and convenience existed for finding roommates. In big cities like San Francisco, the stress of filling a room or finding a room can be almost nauseating. Now 8th bedroom can take the hassle out of finding roommates and nearly make it fund. Like the prospect of finding a date on Friday night,  now I can help connect with someone before the lease needs to be signed on the 1st of the month. 

When the stakes are high, why leave it to chance. Get a roommate you know will work out. 


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