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Eighth Bedroom was born out of a need and a dream. As rent prices grew exponentially in San Francisco, the co-founders of Eighth Bedroom found themselves in need of a way to live in a financially sustainable way. While searching the web for roommates, it became clear the market was saturated with buyers (people looking for rooms) but no great way to connect them directly with suppliers (people with rooms available). The three co-founders knew there was a better way – and the dream of an Eighth Bedroom was born.


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We know the importance of having options here at Eighth Bedroom and have designed our site to help our members find the best property for their needs in San Francisco.

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  • Connect directly with master tenants, single tenants and landlords.

  • Limited number of paid listings (at the end of the day, we are a business *smiley*)

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Dating app for finding roommates

Why leave finding your roommate to chance. Make sure you get along. You wouldn’t find your next partner on the street, you’d use Tinder. Same for your roommate.

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